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Provide You Best Paper Cup Solution Based on Your Business

If you are a brand that sells paper cup machines in your country and need to find a paper cup machine manufacturer, Canmak can provide you both standard paper cup machine or custom special machines based on your own design. Sanli is also looking for global agents to distributors in the global market, welcome to visit Canmak at any time.

If you are a factory and your factory needs a paper cup machine for your production line, Canmak can provide you the best paper cup solution based on your product. Whether you need a rotary head, manipulator or palletizer, Canmak can always satisfy your needs.

History of Canmak

Canmak was founded in 1999 with a 2000 square meters factory
Canmak production line expanded to all kinds of paper cup machines.
Canmak employees over 100, and become one of the leading paper cup machine manufacturers.
Canmak sales team over 20, and export over 500 sets of paper cup machines to global market every year

Advanced Paper Cup Machine Manufacturing

With advanced paper cup machine manufacturing equipment, Canmak can provide you high-quality machines that will Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

Canmak aims to use our best paper cup solution to increase your uptime and maximize your output every day. Just send us your detailed requirement and get an instant quote today.

Why Canmak Paper Cup Machines Are Trusted by Over 1000 clients

Over 10 years paper cup machine manufacturing experience
Actually Canmak has over 20 years paper cup machine manufacturing experience
Over 10 Engineering to Provide you paper cup solution
We have over 10 professional engineerings to support your paper cup solution before confirm order
Always use Famous Spare part
Canmak always use high quality spare parts for your paper cup machine, like Semens, FESTO, ORMON and more.

The Most Popular Paper Cup Machine for Your Reference

GH990 High Speed Paper Cup Machine
OC12 Paper Cup Machine
DW-200 double wall cup machine1

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