Paper Bag Machine

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Sanlin machinery is a modern enterprise with an independent legal personality integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. It is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. It covers an area of 4500 square meters and has a beautiful natural environment. It has independent R&D capability, the short development cycle of new products, and complete and perfect detection mean. machines from raw materials – processed into accessories – installed products – commissioning into usable machinery is a one-stop process of our company, with advanced software and hardware facilities and first-class comprehensive management.

Paper Bag Machine

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SLJD-270 sharp bottom paper bag machine
The machine using automatic side glue system, (by air pump), no need add glue by hand
SBR-330 square bottom paper bag machine
This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags from paper roll in blank or printed.
This automatic paper bag machine is ideal for producing environmental protection paper bags such as shopping bags, casual food bags, dried fruit bags and kraft paper packaging bags.

SBR-330 Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Adjustable roll to square bottom bag making machine

Introduce In-touch screen human-machine interface, easy for correction and fine adjustment. Alarm and working status can be displayed in screen on-line, easy for operation and maintenance.

Equipped with PLC for centralized control system and SICK photocell for correction, tracking the printed material accurately, minimize the adjustment and preset time, increase the production efficiency.

Original SCHNEIDERelectric system, ensure better stability and reliability; perfect after sale service, trouble free for customer.


Paper Bag Sample

Paper packaging has the advantages of easy processing, low cost, suitable for printing, light weight can be folded, harmless, tasteless, pollution-free, etc.

In addition, the biggest advantage of paper bags is environmental protection, because the paper bag as garbage after throwing away, can be in the natural role of microorganisms, water, oxygen, etc. quickly degraded, decomposed into harmless substances.

Introduction of Paper Bag Machine

The paper bag machine converts the substrate into a finished bag through a continuous and complete process. It is an ideal equipment for various bag-making enterprises at home and abroad to produce various types of packaging bags, because of its high degree of automation, advanced bag-making technology, reasonable equipment structure, and beautiful and reliable tube bags.

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