6-colors 1000mm CI Flexo Printing Machine

  • Central impression type printing machine with better color registration. Due to the big drum, the printed material is supported by the big drum, and greatly improving color registration, especially with extensible materials.
  • All colors printing station drived by the central drum, Less transmission errors because of less gear transmission, increase the registration precision.
  • Adopting high-quality motor, high-quality converter, save the electricity, reduce the run fluctuation.
  • The machine is equipped with blower and heater; and the heater employed central temperature control system, automatic temperature controller, and separated heat source.
  • The use of individual drying oven and cold wind system can effectively prevent the ink adhesion after printing.
  • Roller adopts special steel processing, and through special treatment, greatly reduce the beating range.
  • The printing machine all can choose advance configurations to achieve the high quality, the high-definition effect.


This central impression (central drum) flexographic printing machine is suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene, polyethylene plastic bag, leather, glass paper and roll paper etc. And it is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bag for food, supermarket handbag, non-woven bag, vest bag and clothes bag, etc.

Wide application field

The central impression (central drum)flexographic printing machine is suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene plastic ,paper , non-woven etc.

Schematic diagram

Part 1  Unwind & Rewind Unit

Part 2  Printing Unit

Part 3  Drying Unit

Part 4  Electrical appliances


Optional device (need pay extra)



After Sales Service


The seller will send total 1 engineers to install. 1 engineer to install and test the printing machine and train customers’ workers in buyers’ factory. It will take 12 days for whole installation and training.

The buyer should cover engineers’ salary, visa cost, Round air tickets, accommodations, transportation in buyers’ country, food, medical care, safety cost, and related cost happens in buyers’ country. Also, the buyer should prepare enough labor, electric wire outside the control panel and tools for installations.

Engineers Salary:

USD 120/day, depending on how the engineer make you satisfied. The date he arrives and leaves shall be counted as paid day.

The dates which wait for spare parts coming on seller’s duty are exclusive of salary paying.


Warranty period for the delivered equipment will be 12month after completion of erection but not later than 18months after shipment. In case any item proves to be defective and the damage is confirmed by seller’s technicians within this period, the seller will at their choice either send engineer to repair or supply a new one for replacement free of charge on the basis of CNF delivery.

The above item does not include the parts, which have regular spares or the parts damaged from normal wear, abnormal operation, improper maintenance and inadequate civil works. The seller is not liable for any production loss under any circumstances.


As per export standard, they will also be treated before delivery against damage and rusting.

Model YTC-61000
Material Feeding Width 1000mm
Max Printing Width 960mm
Colors 6 Colors
Material Paper
Thickness of plate 1.14mm.1.7mm 2.28mm.2.84mm. 3.94mm Customized is available
Printing length Standard is 400mm,Customized is available from 300-1000mm
Printing speed 120m/min-150m/min
Register precision ±0.15mm
Gear module 1.5mm
Heating method Electricity heating
Unwind/rewind paper core 3
Max.unwind/rewind dia. 1200mm
Structure type Central impression(central drum) Gear drive(china)



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