SLJD-270 Sharp Bottom Paper Bag Machine


Paper bag parameters

Brand and configuration

Unwind Section Structure, Features:
  • Separated single unwind rollstand with hydraulic lift device.
  • Physiosis roller for paper roll loading, the load arms are driven by two hydraulic cylinders separately, can be adjusted freely.
  • Magnetic powder brake and constant auto tension control for unwinding tension control.
  • EPC (electronic program control ) web guide system for material alignment.
Parameter, Specification:
  • Unwind Roll stand (1pc)
  • Hydraulic lift device for material load (1set)
  • Hydraulic Cylinder 100X500 (1pc)
  • Motor for hydraulic pump(5kw)(1unit)
  • Roll load Arm Switching device (1set)
  • Physiosis roller chuck device  (1set)
  • Magnetic Powder Brake  (100N.m) (1unit)
  • Tension transducer (1pc)
  • EPC web guider system for material edge alignment (1set)
  • Sensor, Motor for drive, Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Pump etc

Material In-feed and side gluing Section

Structure, Features:
  • Separated Material In-feed section
  • using automatic side glue system, (by air pump), no need add glue by hand.The automatic spray glue, the glue spray will not be interrupt when high speed or low speed, convenient adjustment capacity, glue spray stable .high pressure can save glue, easy and simple to use without cleaning, saving cleaning andsaving glue.

Tube Forming Section:
  • The whole type tube is used to adjust the structure, and the two-wayadjustment or one-way adjustment is simple and convenient, and the fast and precise high stability of the adjusting is stable.)
Structure, Features:
  • Whole unit tube forming frame
  • Forming Mould Support Design, Adjustable Former Support for Precise Former Alignment, Adjustable Pressing Wheel
Bottom Forming Section

The machine cut off way adopts the servo motor to control the paper bag size, adopting high-speed uniform rotation cutter, cutting through the tooth knife or flat knife two cutting methods, the paper bag cutting level,making the paper bag cutting Flat, let bag beautiful.

Structure, Features:
  • Material feeding by INDEPENDENT SERVO Draw roll Drive System, Photo Cell System for Running Preprinted Materials (No Change gears)
  • Rotary Serrated Cutoff with Elliptical Gears
  • Adjustable Bottom Score Device, can adjust the bag bottom size,
  • Bottom Opening Cylinder with Split Cam for Full Range Stretch Adjustment
  • Multi Layer Bottom Forming Drum, Center Grippers, Second Tuck Clamps, and Drum Fingers are adjustable for ease of changeover.
  • Bottom Glue Applicator with Pneumatic Cylinder for engagement
  • Bottom Impressing Roller with up/down Feature for Easy Operation
  • Motor : Servo motor (2 pcs)

Paper roll edge correction

To prevent deviation of the roll paper from diagonal pulling, deviation canbe corrected by adjusting the position of the roller in time. Keep the paper in the center.

Paper bag collection

Paper bag collection can determine the number of paper bags through the height of the paper bag according to the setnumber.

After Sales Service


The seller will send total 1 engineers to install. 1 engineer to install and test the printing machine and train customers’ workers in buyers’ factory. It will take 12 days for whole installation and training.

The buyer should cover engineers’ salary, visa cost, Round air tickets, accommodations, transportation in buyers’ country, food, medical care, safety cost, and related cost happens in buyers’ country. Also, the buyer should prepare enough labor, electric wire outside the control panel and tools for installations.

Engineers Salary:

USD 120/day, depending on how the engineer make you satisfied. The date he arrives and leaves shall be counted as paid day.

The dates which wait for spare parts coming on seller’s duty are exclusive of salary paying.


Warranty period for the delivered equipment will be 12month after completion of erection but not later than 18months after shipment. In case any item proves to be defective and the damage is confirmed by seller’s technicians within this period, the seller will at their choice either send engineer to repair or supply a new one for replacement free of charge on the basis of CNF delivery.

The above item does not include the parts, which have regular spares or the parts damaged from normal wear, abnormal operation, improper maintenance and inadequate civil works. The seller is not liable for any production loss under any circumstances.


As per export standard, they will also be treated before delivery against damage and rusting.

Model SLJD-270
Paper Thickness Range 30-100 GSM
Paper Bag Width Range 80-270mm
Paper Bag Length Range 120-400mm
Side Folding Range 0-100mm
Plastic Film Feeding Width 100mm
Production Precision ±0.2mm
Machinery Speed 150-500 pcs /min
Maximum paper roll Width 900mm
Maximum. Paper roll Diameter 1200mm
Total Power 16 KW
Machine Weight 5500KGS
Machine Size 8500*1800*1900mm

SanLin Machine

The company pays attention to technological transformation, strives to improve equipment performance, manufactures excellent products that meet customer needs, and provides timely and reliable after-sales service. Therefore, it has been unanimously praised by users in the same industry and at home and abroad. The company adheres to the corporate belief of “people-oriented, pursuit of excellence” and the business tenet of “reputation first, customer first”, focusing on scientific and technological innovation, and the principle of winning by quality, and constantly improving the internal management and after-sales service of the company to ensure that it provides and meets customers As for the requirements and product service, SanLin Enterprise warmly welcomes new and old customers to visit and patronize.


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